Why choose us?

First, if you have previously rented from us in the past we appreciate your business and hope to continue our partnership with you!

Below are some reasons we feel that we would be a great fit for you.

  • We have great customer service. We will make every attempt to maintain communication throughout the entire process. We want everything to go smoothly from the planning to completion.

  • We have friendly staff that will work hard to meet your needs. We know that some delivery locations meet challenges, and we will work together to find solutions.

  • We offer our service for everyone. We can install a bounce house in your backyard just for fun. We can also setup and staff large events with many items and 1000’s of guests.

  • We have experience. We have been in business since 2013 and we have completed hundreds of deliveries every year. This includes large events that we have staffed for county fairs, city events, and large corporate events.

  • Our equipment is clean. After every event our inflatables and equipment are cleaned and inspected. We use safe cleaning products and avoid harsh chemicals.

  • We will help you plan your event rentals. One important aspect of large events is the planning stage. This can be overwhelming at times. We are here to help. Three main points will be location and size of the area for the layout, the estimated number of guests you hope to achieve, and your budget.

  • We can staff your event. We have trained staff members that enjoy working with children and all your guests at any size event. Once we set up for your event, we will all gather to have a quick meeting to discuss the process of how you would like us to operate. Meaning, if would need us to collect tickets for rides, any types of organizational needs for groups, and just general information. Then the staff will make final decisions on placement and cover the safety and rules. Our job will be to watch all of the riders, make sure everyone is following the rules, and oversee the equipment and any safety issues.

  • We deliver and Setup. If you have ever picked up and installed an inflatable from another company you will know how heavy and difficult they can be. We require that we setup all of our inflatables, however, we have included this in the affordable delivery cost. We will deliver, setup, and take down after the event so you do not need worry about that part of the event. There is no need to find help for us to set up, we will take care of that.

  • Our rental items are excellent quality. We only buy the best commercial quality inventory. The most important part of the commercial quality is the safety. Some cheap little inflatables and toys are not safe for heavy usage. They can break and get damaged easily and could cause injuries. Everything we rent gets inspected regularly to ensure safe operation. All of our inflatables and electrical components are inspected by the state to ensure we maintain that level of quality.

  • Pricing. Our prices are kept at a low cost compared to other equal companies. We operate full time and have the expenses to go with offering a quality service with staffing, high quality equipment, and future growth. We hold ourselves to a high standard and do not cut corners.

These are just some of the reasons we believe we can help give you a great experience!

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